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    Chris Bishop Guest


    The pike record has been static for nearly 10 years now with Roy Lewis's 46:13 from Llandegfydd.

    So many other records have fallen in recent months, who thinks the pike will follow suit..?

    A lot of people thought it would go last season (and the one before that...) but it didn't.

    Zander looks a lot more vulnerable to me because there are more waters with the potential to do it and they're a lot more accessible.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    A lot of the records are tumbling because of boillies and high protein pellets and pastes. Also, it seems to be getting warmer every year. These two factors seem to be allowing the fish to pile on weight.

    Unfortuantly, the pike do not really benefit from this...infact, warmer water hinders there growth...

    trout reservoirs being openned up to pike anglers may throw up a big fish...but unless there is a way of artificially piling the weight onto a Pike, i think the record may be safe for a while..

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    Adrian Johnson Guest


    There is a water in the midlands that holds a late 40+ when it was netted in 1999 but it was not landed on rod and was put back in to the lake to be fished for again. i have fished there a few times and seen one person snap of on a big one but unshore if that was the fish.....i can let you know the water if you want......

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    David Marrs Guest


    I would say there is certainly a Zander record swimming about out there. The Fenland Venues, the Severn and Coombe Abbey hold some cracking fish as everyone knows, but what about up and coming waters such as the Warks Avon? The beauty of Zander fishing is the fact that no-one can be a 100% sure of the potential out there because the fish have so much water to hide in.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    I would agree on the Zander point. I am aware of fish to over 35 POunds on the continent so there is obviously a good potential for it to go up in the UK.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    Blithfield has a genuine chance to break the existing pike record........

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    Ron Clay Guest


    What about snigs? In the 60s there were many snig men who babbled on about snigs in excess of 15 lbs.

    We have never seen them however.

    Mind you the biggest snig I ever took grabbed a spinner bait meat for bass. At 6.5 kg it was some mean snig

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I reckon the zander's most likely.

    Some of the Fen drains are coming back on form with a vengeance yet hardly anyone's fishing them.

    There are just a few people out there, quietly doing their own thing, and sooner or later one of them's going to hit the big time.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Moving in on to predators in general I think the Perch record must be under threat. I think the present record came back in 85 and they certainly are a fish that can go well over 6 pounds in the right habitat. Everyone looks at the Ouse which must be a great bet but I still think a commercial or a trout water could throw up a whopper.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Philip, I know of several record Perch from a trout fishery near me. I believe one claim was put in, but withdrawn as the captor had caught it on worm, when the fishery is infact fly only.

    There are two stuffed Perch on the wall of the bar, both must be over 5 pounds.

    I remember having a Perch follow in a large Rapala lure to the side of my boat. It was truely massive. I have had perch up to 5 pounds, and this was longer and much broader across the back. An amazing fish!

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