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    Paul Baxter Guest


    has any one got any info on this years A C A pike champs I think it was in the A,times a few weeks ago but sods law I missed the ****** no fault of my own of course! send a woman to do a mans job and all that.

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    Davy North Guest


    Sorry Paul, thought the dates might have been in this years A.C.A review book, but they,re not.

    Looks like you'll just have to put up with buying the Beano every week to see if they reprint them.

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    Paul Baxter Guest


    don't panic iv'e found a old copy of the beano in the bin at work all sorted.

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    Nick Pottle Guest


    whats that you`v got in your hands paul a snake

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    Paul Baxter Guest


    No nick it's a pike a 29lb pike have you ever seen one so big they do exist you know and it was caught on DEAD bait keep trying and who knows even you may get the nack one day.
    lets see your ugly mug then nick!

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    nick pottle Guest


    cheeky ****** i got one last year 29lb 10oz and it was on dead bait, i could`nt get any livies

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