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Thread: Lure Colours

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    Davy North Guest


    I don't know if this has been asked before, if it has I apologise.

    Leaving aside the different styles of lures, do you have a favourite colour, or is it as much to do with what you have confidence in, as anything else?
    For example, even though every lure company makes the "red head" I just can't get away with them.

    So forgetting about coloured water, when all things are equal, say on an early Autumn day, do you have a particular colour you would start with?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    red heads are more successful in tropical salt water.

    I love rainbow or brown trout colours, mainly coz i fish clear scottish lochs.

    Another succesful colour is fluoro orange.

    I have never ever caught on firetiger, even though its ment to be great.

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    Fire tiger rapalas and il tell you of a good lure rattl'n rapala in sliver green mackerel lots of pike on that. And my best colour is nils master invincible in nubian sunset

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I'm not exactly a lure expert but I seem to reliably catch pike round here on either copper spoons or silver or gold-patterned rapalas - J13s, big minnows, Shad Raps etc.

    Maybe it's a confidence thing, but I'm 100 per cent confident I'll catch on either of those and usually do. So I'll keep plugging away, even if I don't get a fish in the first ten minutes.

    Other lures which I haven't caught as many fish on soon come off.

    The only really garish things which have worked for me are rubber shads in bright orange, fluo pink etc and spinnerbaits, esp the chartreuse (yellow) Northland Reed Runners, which zander seem esp keen on.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    I much prefer the natural colours, my favorite lures being Super Shad Rap's in Perch or Roach pattern.

    Although, I do use flouro orange when the water is coloured.

    Fire tiger - never had a pull !

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    the best colour ive used on the tees is mullet and fire tiger and sliver rapala pulgs

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    remember that fish are looking up into the brightness whlie we are looking into the water, look down into darkness. this means that lures are seen as silhouette so colour isnt that important. vibrations i think are better than colour this is why i like rattling lures.

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    Nick Hoekstra Guest


    Color, like a lot of other considerations are largely depending on location, water clarity, target species, cover/ lack of, etc. Rule of thumb for unknown waters: when looking for round fish (bass, crappie, etc.) start with shad type lures. If you look for long profile fish (i.e. pike, muskie, walleye) use a minnow style. Now that does not mean that pike will never hit a shad lure, or a bass a minnow lure (bass will hit just about everything if so inclined). Check the local baitfish for starting styles and prevailent colors. Someone asked about fire tiger, it works very well in some areas and you couldn't catch a stick on it in others. Try 2 or 3 colors of a particular lure, than change to a different style and repeat. Also depth has a lot to do with lure succes. You can run the same lure at one depth (f.i. near surface ) and hit zero all day if you would stay there. Drop the running depth of that same lure by 1 or 2' and you may have to take your lure out of the water to light a smoke, or have a sandwich! Some lures also do not run true. In that case the action portraied by the lure is not recognised by the fish as a potential meal and your succes again is most likely zero. Lures should be checked by the shore or near the boat for depth and wobble, flutter, etc. If a floating lure rises too quickly at rest, the fish won't touch it. Than weigh it down or use it as a surface lure (walk the dog, etc.). Fast response lures (stick baits, minnow styles)can be made to dive and run deeper a/o shallower by heating and bending the lip. A lure that pulls to one side needs adjustment to the eye where the line ties on. Sometimes you want that action if you want to run under a heavy cover or docks, etc.. You can than retrieve the lure and it will run under the dock or cover w/o having to try to cast to a very narrow space.
    So to start a day of fishing, first try some local colors (usually silvers, blues, greens and reds in various combinations), than try some more exotic colors like bubblegum or the firetiger. My first choices are usually blue back/ silver belly, green back/ silverbelly and some of those I have given some vertical stripes with a waterproof black marker. These seem to outperform the plain ones in a lot of areas. As most waters are stained, rattles are a great help and so is scent.
    Hope that helped some, good fishin' from across the pond; Nick.

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    a other good lure i have used at cawood caravan site which has got colour in the water is rapala vibrax minnow chaser in fire tiger i got 3 small pike allday and people with dead baits got nout.

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