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Thread: Advice on Lures

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    Dave ------------------- Guest


    In October i will be spending my annual week fishing the river Bure around Horning.

    Over the past few years i have had some success using both live and dead baits.

    I would like to give lure tactics a try.

    I realise that there are no hard and fast answers, but i would appreciate comments on some points.

    1. If you could only afford 5/6 lures which ones would you take.

    2. Would lure fishing be productive at this time of year on the Bure

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Firstly, I would recommend contacting Harris angling and The Brundall Angling Centre, both of which are lure supplies based in Norfolk. They should be able to help u no end.

    Lures i would no go anywhere without are as follows

    A copper spoon. Old and out of fasion, but deadly. One about 28g should do fine.

    Several rubber shads and hooks around 5 inches in silver or orange/yellow if the water is dirty. (same price as a normal lure)

    An Abu hi-lo in pike colours. Lets u fish from surface to down deep.

    Rapala Shad Raps in Roach or Perch colour

    Several large Mepps spinners in silver.

    With these simple, and on the whole, cheap lures, you will almost certainly catch. I also like Flipper jerkbaits, Jake and Grandma lures, big rapalas etc...but u are looking at a tenner each for these....ouch.

    Infact, I would be tempted to tell u to just arm yourself with as mant rubber lures as u can as i have been doing fantastic with them, and they are relatively cheap. Infact, Harris do a bargin bucket of 200 shads, grubs etc for under 20..well worth looking at. Remember, u will need jig hooks to go with them!

    Good luck on your quest!

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Some good advice from Rob about choice of lures and everybody will have their favourites. My faves would include the Shakespeare Big-S, South Bend Oreno, along with a couple of Ondex spinners.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Copper spoons work all over and they're dead cheap. You can get blanks (spoons without hooks/rings etc) for two or three quid for a couple.

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    my all time fav's are
    1 rapala minnow spoon
    2 nils master spear head
    3 rubber shads
    4 rapala jointed "j-13"
    5 and a big buck tail spinner.

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    Dave ------------------- Guest


    Thanks for all the replys

    Rob, do Harris angling have a web site ?

    With the rubber type lures i assume you need to use an inline type weight to get them down in the water ?

    and excuse my ignorance but "jig-hooks" i guess a particulaer type of hook used in rubber lures ?

    Chris, do you know any stockists for the cooper blanks ?

    Anyone use lures on the Bure ?

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    and yes the best way ive found is to use jig hooks cause the don't get snagged as much as other lures.

    and sorry i can't hely you with the rest

    good luck

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    Nicky Garbutt Guest


    make the spoon out of old copper boilers which i get for nout cause im trainning as a plumber. cheap lures for me !

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Dave........ The jig hooks are basically a hook with a weighted head moulded on it, made from lead. They come in all sizes from a few grams upto ounces in eight. Nip onto the harris site and u should see them on there.

    All u do is take a shad and thread it onto the hook so the weight is against its nose and the hook stands proud of the back.

    Have a look at the Toothy Critter Head Cases. These are a modern version of shads...u will see how the hook sits.

    Best thing about thses is that they are virtually weedless coz the hook pionts up the way.

    Another site to look at is

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    Dave ------------------- Guest


    Thanks chaps,

    I have been on the Harris site, very impressed, couldn't help but order a few lures selected with your help.

    They arrived this morning only ordered them on tuesday night.

    Got a copy of the catalogue thrown in and i see what you are saying about hooks Rob.

    May order the bargin bucket as you suggested.

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