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Thread: marker baits

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I've got the chance to fish a new water but I'm not sure it holds any pike. I've read a couple of articles on using search trimmers, marker baits etc.

    This where you lob in a load of baits with slivers of polystyrene/cork etc attached via a length of cotton. If the baits get taken, the cotton's meant to go and the marker floats off, so you know if one's been taken.

    My reservation is the pike might not bite through the cotton and end up swallowing it - anyone got any ideas on how to make them 100% safe..?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Chris, i have used "trimmers" with light nylon..about 2 pounds breaking strain..and its been bitten through every time.

    Another way is to throw out baits on nylon from the bank...staked out to tent pegs.

    Problem with cotton is that eels, carp and bream can move a deadbait and break cotton too easily, giving a false impression of the pike content.

    I am about to set some "trimmers" on a Loch near me..i know there are trout..but there MUST be pike there too....

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I know there are prey fish in this place but it's quite big and pretty barren topographically, so the big question is where to start.

    If it gets bitten through every time I'll get some of the lightest nylon I can get my mitts on and give it a go.

    What do you use for the float - an old cork or something..?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I make up trimmer Chris. Paint the top black, the bottom bright orange. Check them every morning and night. You will soon find out if there are Pike in there.

    Have u got any pics of trimmers to copy??

    Another way is to use polystyrene blocks..but these get towed into reeds etc, never to be seen again.

    Another way is to place out a couple of deadbaits on normal gear, but spread a patten of baits attached to polystyrene around them. That way u can watch them as well as have the chance of a fish. I can remember a day when a bit of poly started to move acroos the loch towards my flaot fished bait. It stopped about 5 feet from the float....went under and float was was like a scene from jaws...with the

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I'll try it out tomorrow. Sounds a top wheeze.

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    David OLoughlin Guest


    Thanks both of you.
    Remember the thread on Pike & canals, you've just solved the problem for me. Rob any chance of a picture of a trimmer?
    Would it be possible to do one for the rigs page?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    David..i shall knock one up at lunchtime with any luck...

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    David OLoughlin Guest


    Cheers. Hope I can help you one of these days, don't know what with though?

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Never heard of this before, very clever.
    well done lads.

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