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    mike smith Guest


    I don't know if this has been asked before, but I usually use the standard set of two trebles on my trace.

    When I land a fish, whether it goes bald in the net and tangles up or not, I snag the hooks on the landing net.

    Unfortunately, this has happened quite high up on the netting, so tearing the net when the pike slides down the net.

    I realise this is the point. Hooks snag on things, that's why I catch.

    I cured one of the problems and now use barbless hooks, so if I do snag in the net I have no problems unhooking the net.

    Am I doing something wrong, or do I have to buy a net every year to replace the shredded one?

    Should I have a stab at having just one treble hook at the end of the trace, and replace the second treble with a carp hook to put in the tail root?

    Any other hooking or landing tips?

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    John Howard Guest


    Yes, try replacing the top treble with a single in the tail root i have used this for years with no problems. Alternatively if the hooks can be seen do you feel confident enough to chin the pike out.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I'll bet you are using those silly triangular carp nets for landing pike. Quite frankly they are useless anachronisms!

    What you want is a round net with open knotless mesh. Harris angling supply this and it is superb. Trebles do not get caught up in this mesh and I am surprised more predator angler do not use them.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Ron is right, also try Sharpes of Aberdeen. They make some VERY strong nets big enough for pike (Salmon Gye nets) with a great soft, but open mesh. I have been using one for lure fishing for many years now.

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    Dave O'L Guest


    I bought an Sharpes Aquarex Gye net (not the right spelling I think) which is cheaper because the metal used has a square profile rather than a traditional round one (the net is still round if this makes sense). Brilliant for lure fishing as it just slips on your back, is strong enough to deal with anything & has a reasonable length @ 6ft. The only problem is ledgering as weights will fall through the holes.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Ere, steady on with the anachronism Mr Clay.

    I nearly always use one of those triangluar nets.

    In fact I netted a big double you caught in it when we went out the other week...!

    I got one of those big mesh nets for lure fishing, but it's really heavy and a little on the large side. Like walking around with half a trawler under your arm.

    I'm also not convinced about how fish friendly those mushes are, they do cause red spots and split fins, esp with zander whose fins stick out all over the place.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Many Years ago Chris I bought a triangular carp net and took it back to South Africa. It had 42 inch arms and really looked the business until I hooked a blinking great catfish. I couldn't get this fish into the net due to the fact that the draw string kept folding. The darned fish would not bend into the net and as a result I lost it.

    That net got burnt the following day and I ended up buying a big round one similar to the job you showed me.

    Never had a problem since although you might be right about the mesh on some of these American nets.

    I think somone should really sit down and do a re-design job on landing nets. What about it Fox etc.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I like the cradle idea the yanks use for Muskies, fact, anything with teeth.!!

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I'm going to sell that one I've got - it's really heavy and you look like a right dork walking round with it.

    Someone asked me if I was the stray dog man from the council the other week.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Here, going back to the original thing what about making sure you've got trace blades/side cutters handy.

    If a flying hook catches the net, cut the wire before the fish rolls and damages itself, then lift it out.

    Once you'vce unhooked it you can worry about the net. Cut the points off the treble and they usually come out ok.

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