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Thread: Perch rigs

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    Hi guys I need help with some rigs for Live baiting for Perch.I've never used live baits for Perch but have in the past had them to 3lb on lobs.
    The lake I'm going to fish holds fish to around 4lb and the favoured way is to live bait.

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    David Will Guest


    Neil I fish one on a free rover which is really just a scaled down Pike set up.The other would be on a sunk float paternoster.The rig is an in line float and the hook length fished helicopter style.Try to use the smallest float you can get away with.I find the Fox bubble type floater controllers ideal just match the size to the bait failing that normal old style bubble floats work well.This rig is fished next to a feature.
    One thing that has upped the run rate is to put a few no 8 shot into the sunk float.This really gives off a loud rattle.
    Hooks should be long shank fine wire hooks.If you are familiar with sea anglers Aberdeens but in smaller sizes you will know what pattern I am on about.I have done well with Drennan Starpoints in the past though.If there are Pike get hold of some fine 10lb trace wire. Try Harris Angling , they do a good selection.
    It does pay to feed red maggot and chopped worm into your swim regardless of the bait on the hooks.Try a chopped worm groundbait (Whizzo)and unless it is really overcast first light and dusk are best with dusk being my favourite on gravel pits or estate lakes and mornings on reservoirs and rivers.
    Good luck

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I agree with the paternoster...good rig! Try some of the super sharp carp hooks though. I have used the frank Warick incisors and some of the Nashand Eustave range.

    I also like a scaled down mini drifter float. Normally a dart flight will do as you are not drifting huge distances, just covering more water up to about 70 yards or so.

    Two minnows or Gudgeon lip hooked only works wonders!

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    Thanks guys.I'll pester graham to see if he can post up a picture.It all sounds very complicated to an excarp angler.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I catch a few by accident - usually on spoons or paternostered livebaits when I'm after zander.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I read elsewhere that you had packed in Carp fishing,shame that, but good luck with the perch......if your water is a naturaly well coloured (like some pastie waters) then deads out fish lives by a considerable margin imho.

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    Steve Burke Guest


    Hi Neil

    The most important point with livebait rigs for perch is to avoid resistance. For this reason I prefer floats whenever possible, and I've had most success with wagglers. This is contrary to the books, but the sunken line with a waggler slows the bait down and also keeps it near the groundbait. In fact, if you fish overdepth the bait often stays put - except for when it's taken by a hungry perch!

    Running ledgers and running paternosters also work well, although I find that the perch quickly wise up to the way a paternosted bait behaves. I prefer to start with a brightly coloured sunken float, and in murky water often use my "rattle rig" as Dave Will described.

    I've written several articles for another online mag, but in fairness to Graham I'd suggest you e-mail me for the url, that is if you haven't already guessed what it is!

    As to hooks I now use Ashima Super Maggots, which I've found far better than the Aberdeens I used to recommend. In particular they have the smallest barbs I've ever seen. Unfortunately they've now been discontinued. If you pop into me next time you're over this way I'll give you a packet. If not e-mail me your snail mail address and I'll post you some.

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    David Will Guest


    Steve , where do you get Ashimas , my local shops do not stock any of their hooks.

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    Steve Burke Guest


    I'm sure Ashima will open an account with your local shop. They have a website at The Super Maggots were still shown as available on the website, as were the identical hooks in different colours. However, I gather they've now been discontinued - but it would be well worth double checking.

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    Thanks Steve You can guess where I'm going to try for them.Perhaps I'll pop round for a master class from an expert.

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