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Thread: Wot no braid?

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    Andy Doughty Guest


    I have just been looking at the website for Old Bury Hill Fisheries, and I saw on the list of rules that you are not t use braided line. Why ever not? Surely you stand more chance of pulling out of snags and get better bite indication therefore reducing the chances of deep-hooking the fish.
    Is this rule an old one from the days when braids were **** and the **** boys, sorry carp boys, fished with fixed lead rigs?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Braid can be LETHAL! Problem is this...someone does a 70 yard cast and puts his rod on the pod. Unknown to him, the braid is laying across a snag/bar/rocks etc. He gets a run that then grated the braid acrodd the snag. The braid snaps, and the carp is left towing 40 or so yards of 30 pound breaking strain braid behind it.

    This is a nightmare for the poor fish!. Also, the braid will slice into a Carps body if the carp rolls in it. There have been several large carp very badly injured in this way...

    I am guessing that that is the reason behind the ban.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Same on several other waters in Norfolk - I don't think you're meant to use it on Swanton Morley or the Pentney lakes for a start.

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