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Thread: Leger Floats

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    Stewart Branfield Guest


    Has anyone used one of those Dave Thomas' pike leger floats?

    If so, how successful were you?


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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I tried something simliar recently, the Marvic float locks, which basically convert any float into a "Polaris" or Dave Thomas-type design.

    Can't say I was thrilled to bits with them. It's right it sits up perfectly "on-depth" but I found you need to use a lot of lead on your line and I usually just rely on the weight of the bait and three or four swanshots.

    I also found the floats gradually crept overdepth and kept keeling over and giving false indications when fishing in a chop.

    The "traditional" rig of a pencil float set a foot or two overdepth, fished on a tight line still takes some beating.

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    David Will Guest


    I agree 100% with you Chris , I really like the Fox pencils and I have no trouble having to wind through the locking tube like on these float lock type floats.Also on boats they are a pain as you have to pull the line through the locking device rather than just let the weight fall through the eye of a normal float.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I just make my own for around 20p each as opposed to 3.50 for a Fox float.

    I like 'em longer and thinner as well - only take a few swan shot to hold 'em still, but will stay stable when there's a gale blowing down a drain.

    Dead simple - just balsa dowel, yacht varnish bit of paint and a few old swivels to glue in for eyes.

    I read loads of stuff in old Pikelines about them and they seemed a good idea - no plumbing the depth every time you move swims etc.

    But I reckon you can usually get it right within a couple of casts and fine tune it as you go.

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    Andy Doughty Guest


    Long and thin makes em grin, short and stout makes em shout!
    Anyway, I use the Chris Bishop method of DIY floats and the last lot cost me about 10 for around forty floats, that includes the spray paint and varnish which I dont need to get next time.

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