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    Gary Powell Guest


    Hi all i am new poster on this forum and not a preator angler as one goes but i thought this year i woulkd spend my winter after a few pike and zander i know how to make and use rigs unhooking and theat stuff a few things are a bit shady but i can pick that up as i go along asking questions here and there now my problem is not a big one as such i live in the fens (5 years) i am looking at the 16foot between manea and upwell as i am a member through my carp club i have winkled out some jacks on the spinner is there any marks on it that i shoukd be looking at baits and such like thanks in advance for your thoughts and time

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    The Three Holes end is quite good but it gets hammered. Popham's Eau is worth fishing for the first hundred yards or so where it joins the Sixteen Foot. You sometimes get a nice slack on this confluence when the drains are pumping.

    Further back the bit between Boots Bridge and the Ramsey Forty Foot/Horseway confluence is also meant to be pretty good. I know a couple of big fish have come off the Horseway, inc a 29 a couple of seasons back.

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    Gary Powell Guest


    hi criss thanks for the info i was walking Horseway yesterday and i looked at he bit where the forty foot joins the sixteen foot and i think i will opt to start there

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Watch it at night - the lay-by is full of tree clippings etc and you get a lot of dodgy so and so's around up there dumping things.

    There was also a load of tackle nicked out of the back of a car on one of the drainds up there a couple of weeks ago.

    They've just dredged around that confluence.

    The Horseway is meant to be good when the drains it connects are out of sorts, I think the bigger fish have come from the Welche's Dam end.

    There's also a good looking bit of the Sixteen Foot where it wides out for 100 yards or so below Boots Bridge, never fished that bit myself but have often fancied a poke around on there.

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    Gary Powell Guest


    criss i saw a couple of lads fishing on the far bank is that part of the chattiers AC that lay by did look dogey i must say thanks again let you know how i get on

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