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Thread: Lives or Deads

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    The Seeker of Truth & Justice Guest


    Eric Edwards mentioned that deadbaits catch bigger pike than livebaits. If this is right, and I dont doubt eric, he knows beteer than me, then why do so many pike anglers want to use livebait? that doesn't mean Ive got anthing against livebaiting, not at all, i use maggots and worms.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Lives produce more takes than just about anything else on the right day.

    Problem is they don't discriminate and you pick up a lot of small fish, even on big baits.

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    Gary Knowles Guest



    Deads catch more fish than lives because more people use them - simple as that !

    Fish a live rod against a deadbait rod all season and i have little doubt which will produce the most and largest fish...

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    Steve Burke Guest


    What's best will vary from day to day, but overall I find that both livebaits and lures catch many more pike than deadbaits. The main reason is that with deadbaits you get fewer jacks.

    This means that the average size is higher with deadbaits.

    However, it DOESN'T mean that livebaits and lures aren't as good as deadbaits for big fish. It's probably just that deadbaits filter out some of the smaller fish.

    I'd add that I'm now convinced that big lures get a higher average size of pike than smaller lures. In fact I've changed my mind on this over the years. Being disabled I can't handle the continual casting of big lures. However, an analysis of catches has shown that with medium-sized lures I catch more pike than friends, but they get more twenty pounders than I do.

    However, the advantage is that my 3-5 inch lures pick up a lot more specimen perch!

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    David Will Guest


    Steve on a water near me which I can troll I have had no success on Kwikfish , it does contain big Perch which I catch on Mepps.Any advice on how to fish Kwikfish would be welcome.Mine are the 5 inch silver version(as per Perchfishers book). I ask as I think I catch on Mepps when they are feeding hard but feel I am missing out on dormant fish.

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    Steve Burke Guest


    There could be a multitude of reasons, but the one that immediately springs to mind is the depth that the perch are feeding at. Most 5" Kwikfish run at about 18 to 20 feet when trolled on .35mm line. It may just be that the perch are feeding deeper or, more importantly, shallower than this. If the latter you could let out less line, which will mean that the lure runs shallower. To go deeper you'd have to use lead, but I then normally switch to a different lure.

    Alternatively, it could be that the perch are pre-occupied with smaller prey that the Mepps imitates.

    One other point is that the colder the weather, the bigger the lure (or bait for that matter) that I find most successful, whether it be trolling lures or bait fishing for small river chub. This is contrary to all the old books, but something that for 20 years I've had absolutely no doubt about.

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    What I actually said was "The average weight of fish to deadbaits is far higher" which is quite different to saying that deadbaits catch bigger pike than livebaits.
    In fact, the ultimate size of pike that can be caught on both methods is the same but you can spend so much time and energy catching livebaits and dealing with jacks that the big fish are missed. I'll give you an example;
    One spot I used to fish on the Yorkshire Ouse held so many jacks that a livebait never lasted longer than two minutes before being taken (honestly!). I used livebaits there extensively and never caught a fish over ten pounds.
    Using deadbaits in the same spot, I had quite a few big pike up to 27lbs. It was much, much slower but I got the fish I was after. Had I stuck to livebaits, I would have spent more time catching them than the pike!

    As for big lures - ah well, that's a different thread.


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    David Will Guest


    Steve thans for reply , will persevere.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Eddie Turners list of huge fish is impressive...nearly all of them being taken on live baits....except the 2 biggest!I certainly found that in a river, livebaits always outfished deads for numbers of fish...but one trick i used was to mount two sprats on a treble...and use a live gudgeon inbetween them...picked up some big fish taht way from the Lea.

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    Steve Burke Guest


    A very good point, Eric! I wasn't disagreeing with you, just hoping to clarify the issue.

    It's the same by the way with perch, with (freshwater) deads usually avoiding the smaller fish. Big perch are often very spooky so catching small ones on livebaits can also scare the specimens.

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