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Thread: Lost Fishery

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    Kevin Lumley Guest


    Another water has been lost to the public because of the actions of a mindless few . The water in question is
    Overwater on the edge of the lake district,because of rubbish fences knocked down and worst of all foot and mouth signs being ignored the farmer who owns the fishing writs has had enough, and who can blame him, can we ever get through to these people.

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    Darren Plunkett Guest


    where can I buy a landing net suitable for lure fishing.
    The mesh needs to be larger than normal as trebles and micromesh dont go well together.
    I would prefer a net that folds down against for handle,for mobility.
    I have already tried Harris Angling,but they are out of stock for 3/4 weeks.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Harris Angling in Norfolk sell a few large nets with large mesh, the "Huntsman" looks very good and is designed for lure fisherman, write to them for a catalogue.

    Harris Angling
    Blacksmith House
    East Ruston
    NR12 9HL

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    OOps, Guess I jumped the gun. sorry.

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