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Thread: Micron P

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    Andrew Calvert Guest


    I recently purchased a pair of Fox Micron P drop off alarms due to the recent price cut and the fact my Ghetto blasters are about past it. The NEW Fox catalogue states with pouch and also details SPARE batery prices (which would suggest a battery is supplied) and the box they are supplied in (which is brand new packaging which I've only seen since the price cut) states with pouch and battery. But as it happens you don't get a pouch OR a battery, I don't care about the pouch but considering the battery is a strange one this is more than a pain. I've now had to send for two batteries at 3.45 each. The tackle shop from which I purchased these were not made aware of this by the Fox rep so they couldn't inform me at the time. The rep has since told them that the packaging and catalogue are are fault and these are no longer supplied due to the cut in price. When my batteries arrive I'm going to source this strange 15V battery (RS Components do one which may be suitable, but I don't know what the score with the Micron PS is). If i can source the battery I will post the details so anyone else who has been duped does not have to order them from Fox. I wonder if you actually get both a tip and butt section with their new pike rods, I for one will not be purchasing one to find out!!!!! Long live Daiwa, Shimano, Maver etc. and all the other tackle companies I've found reliable.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Not really...

    Is the battery really 15v or 1.5?
    If it's 1.5 then it's the LR1 and is available from Homebase for about 1.50 as I recall or 2.75 for 2.

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    Roger Pearman Guest



    I too was confused to say the least when I found the box devoid of either power source or said protective pouch. The tackle shop I bought the alarm from gave the same reasoning i.e FOX reported the packaging had not been changed in accordance with their wishes.

    They are, as I think they are legally obliged, going to supply both items at no extra cost.

    However I must say that I am disappointed that a market leader such as FOX would make or allow such an error.

    Just to clear things up it definitely does require a 15v battery. Not the easiset of things to source from elsewhere? How convenient!

    Anyway rant over.


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    Carp Angler Guest


    I only suggested the 1.5v because that is what the other Microns take.
    I looked at the F** site and the P takes a 15v and the PS a 12v, although they only give their F** catalogue number.
    The 15v is very unique but it must be the MN154 (V74PX) as it is the only 15v battery available (camera type battery before anyone leaps on me), it stands about 35mm high and 16mm across, it looks like a short fat AA.

    Sad bloke that I am, I've even found you a place online to buy them at 3 each.
    Please click me...

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I forgot.....

    The F** site doesn't say it includes the battery but it does say that it includes the protective pouch, they obviously haven't had time to change their website either.
    Check it out for

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