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Thread: Bleepers

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    Austin Buchan Guest


    My mates been fishing at Coombs res
    near Macclesfield and has had constant
    3 bleeps..Stop..3 bleeps..Stop.
    He's tried letting it develop and also
    tried the early hit but misses every time, this has gone on for 3 months..
    tried all sorts of baits as well but it only happens on mackeral.
    Any idea's anyone???

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    My guess is that eels are responsible. They chew lumps out of big deadbaits.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I presume the mackeral are a bit bigger than the normal baits? If so, it could be Jacks picking up the bait and dropping it. I have seen this happen with me. No matter what u do, u always miss the fish.

    Is the bait comming back marked with small puncture wounds...if so, this is probably what is happening.

    Also, it may be eels. I have had them attack oily baits...just giving short pulls...then nothing for a few minutes...then another short pull. The bait is normally unmarked, or, sometimes u see thumb nail sized marks on it.

    Final thought...but this maybe a long shot. It could be Carp attempting to eat the has been known..and Maks seem to be a favourite.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    If there are no marks on the bait it could also be line bites. A reservoir i pike fish contains both carp and bream and liners are common from fish patrolling the margins. Although unless it was a coincidence it doesn't explain why it only happens with mackerel.

    Like Graham said though when using oily baits such as sardine or mackerel you can get eel trouble, although they do tend to mark the bait. Leaving the edges 'ragged' so you should be able to tell if they are responsible. As you only get this on mackerel bait this may be the most likely explaination.

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    Austin Buchan Guest


    Thanks guys,
    as far as I know the water doesn't contain
    eels in any numbers (if any at all) I've never heard of any showing themselves,
    There seems to be no marks on the mac,
    I thought that it may have been perch, never
    gave the carp a thought though even tho I
    have heard of them coming to deadbaits(Carp

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Eels or liners. Eels love sea deads and can shred them up around the hooks.

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