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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Can't make my mind up over whether the various fishy oils, flavours etc I've tried over the last couple of years have had that much impact - would I have caught the fish I've had on 'em anyway..?

    The one exception was a big blind fish I had last year, I think scent definitely helped snare that one. Otherwise so much of the oil just seems to float off across the surface is all the mess and bother just a waste of time..?

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    David Will Guest


    The only one I have used that I have real faith in is/was Freshwater Eel first the Hutchie one then the same stuff marketed as ET flavours. I found it speedied up the time between runs. I find it particularily good on freshwater deads including Eel section. I have fished it alongside unflavoured baits on occasions and fished with others not using it and outcaught them.
    I cannot find it now , it has been discontinued. I have e mailed Paul Garner at Relum who now distribute ET/ Hutchie flavours and asked him to reintroduce it.
    Last year I did use Predator Baits Sardine on sea deads in coloured water and caught on those but I cannot say for sure as I haven't fished treated baits alongside untreated as yet with it.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I have found if I dose my baits in Pilchard oil, I get ****** all on them!! Having said that, Smelt and Grayling "flavours" have improved my catch rates on some waters I have fished.

    I also used to use Nodd oil (the carpers will know this one) and it did seem to "perk" up the fish a bit.
    I think it is like everything else, on the right water on the right day its great, but if the fish are feeling a bt pressured, it can be the death kiss.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Not gone on the pike and eel Ultrabite yet then?

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Rick, mates have - not impressed.

    The one I really rated was Richworth mackeral.

    Reason I asked was I just got some in and they were obviously synthetic and didn't smell anything like fish.

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    James stewart Guest


    Mackrel and smelt oil.
    I have used crab oil which also worked.....Pike it seemed had a liking for peeler crab flavouring.
    I use oil on 90 % of my deads....I feel without it I am loosing out.
    Smelt does seem to work well....Perch in particular are a bait I always use oil on both to coat and inject the has always worked well for me.

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    Davy North Guest


    Having tried many flavours added to meat and cheese paste for chub and barbel, I sometimes wonder if it matters what the smell is as long as it smells, I heard of pike being taken with tooty fruity?

    Having said that I believe smells do work, and not just as a confidence boost, but even if that was the case they would still be worth using.

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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    Fresh dead roach or herring takes some beating.

    I've boated four twenty pound plus pike in two days on 'fresh' dead roach.

    Why spoil a winning formula I say.

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    Wilson Marshall Guest


    I once put out minced fish and pilchard oil mixed with brown crumb in a pair of tights weighted by a stone for a two day session.Apparantly the scent is released slower due to the tights.I caught a few fish but not sure if it had much to do with the scent.Or you could always wear the tights and prance around the bankside for a couple days with the wind in your hair,it works for me..

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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    Another 20lber today on a fresh dead herring.

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