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Thread: glazing baits

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I want to glaze some of the seabaits I get from the fishmonger. I read a description of how to do it last year and promptly lost it - is there a simple way of doing this without thermometers etc..?

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    Andy Doughty Guest


    I put a tub of water in the freezer half an hour before I was ready to go and then just dunked the baits so them were all covered and then put them in the bag with a little splash of water and then squeezed the air out and sealed the bag up.

    Mind and finger numbingly boring but does a nice job.

    Didnt do a lot of good on Sunday though!!...

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Thought you came away inspired by Jon Carrington's hi-tech approach. Reckon we ought to start calling him Inspector Gadget.

    There's a thing in his landrover like a fish finder, for example. I asked him what it was and he said it shows you whether you're level or not when you're off-roading or something.

    I quite enjoyed it but I wish I'd moved after an hour or so. I was so comfy I couldn't resist just plotting up and sitting there.

    I quite like fishing round there but it's a 120-mile round trip so I'm not gpoing to be nipping down for a few hours after work in the summer.

    Back to original query do they stick to the bag this way..?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Easier way...again...use iced water, but get a garden spray and spray the baits....quicker, less cold, and u can even use dye and flavours mixed in with the water....d'oh...secret out!!

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