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    James stewart Guest


    Present issue of Pike lines included a letter of protest regarding a proposed ban on fresh water dead baits in a region of mainland U.K. .
    If this insane rule is passed will it see the end of angling as we know it ?
    Just what is going on , most people are responsible when it comes to fishing dead baits ...who drives these insane laws and where will it all end ?
    Time to man the trenches and fight our corner.

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    Davy North Guest


    I just hope evryone who gets Pikelines returns the letter.

    Our region is having a fish in on Sunday I'll be sure to push the point, if any pushing is needed.

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    Peter Waller Guest


    Do you remember when we had the fiasco over the Hickling Broad live-bait ban of a few years ago? Many of us felt it looked like a total Broads ban was just around the corner. Pikers made an excellent job of working together over that issue! Thankfully the PAC came to the rescue. But the lesson, hopefully was learnt, this time we WILL pull together. We MUST pull together.

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