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    Tony O'dell Guest


    Would like some advice on how to prepare deadbaits for freezing....have heard snippet on glazing baits etc..little bit confused. Also do they need to be wrapped in clingfilm etc....any help would be gratefully appreciated...

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Dead (sorry about the pun) easy. I do several things, depending on the bait.

    If its something like a sprat or small roach etc..I lay a sheet of clingfilm on a tray and then lay the baits out straight on top. Then I cover the baits and freeze them over night. Next day I take the fish and bag them, 5 to a bag and seal the bags. This way I have straight, aerodynamic baits, free of freezer burn, bagged ready for use.

    For bigger baits, I wrap individually in clingfilm and again, freeze on the tray first to get them straight. Once froozen, again, they are bagged, usually 3 to a bag.

    To glaze a bait, either spray them with a coating of water from a plant atomiser (u can add flavours and dyes at this stage) or get a bucket of iced water and dip each fish, then lay on a cold tray and slip into the freezer. Once more, bag when frozen.

    Hope this helps.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    You need to get any air away from them or they dry out in no time, which renders them next to useless.

    Cling film isn't much cop because most types lose their adhesive properties when they freeze, meaning they let air in.

    Glazing is a lot of mucking about but the ultimate way of keeping soft sea baits like sardines.

    Basically it involves coating each bait with a layer of ice, which preserves oils etc near the skin and prevents dehydration.

    You do this by partially freezing the bait, then dunking it in ice water.

    More robust baits - coarse fish, mackerel etc - can be frozen in poly bags, but make sure you squeeze as much air as possible out before sealing.

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    Tony O'dell Guest


    Thanks all, all relevant info now sitting on my hard drive
    All the best

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