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Thread: Rod tubes

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    Default Rod tubes

    Hi been looking about the Internet for rod tubes there for my spinning rods, an 8,9 and 10ft, I need a shoulder strap as well, it's really just for cycling to venues, any suggestions would be great

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    seen those plastic rod tubes that u cut to ur required length, dunno about shoulder strap tho
    have u ever seen those tubes ppl put blueprints and plans in? i've seen them with shoulder straps, dont know if they would suit a short rod tho .... just an idea
    let us know if u find a solution please

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    There are a number of cases available for the mobile angler especially from the States (designed for bass anglers).

    It would be useful to know what length your current spinning rods break down to...

    Are they all two-piece?

    I have a Daiwa Wilderness Travel Spinning Rod which is a great all-rounder (doubles well as a live/ dead-bait rod), comes in its own case, can be fished at 9 or 11ft, and covers a good 20-60g range.

    It's landed me 20lb plus pike, 30lb mahseer, big zander etc, and yet it still makes playing a modest perch fun...
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    It might be cheaper and safer to consider a longer front brake cable, so you can strap the rod to the crossbar and still be able to both stop and turn... also depends on the layout of your bike, of course. The prospect of a rod-tube slipping down one's shoulder in urban traffic is not good bedtime viewing.

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    hello again,
    Google sparton tackle, they are based in Nottingham and they make rod tubes to order from plastic tubes covered in fabric, the prices are very good for what you get. give steve parton (thats where the name sparton comes from!) a call, he is a really nice down to earth bloke and tell him what you want and he will make the tubes up for you.
    Oh and one more thing, steve will definitely not rip you off...a really top bloke!


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    If you was mean as me, you could cut a cheap plastic tube to required length, and duct tape a strap to it. Simples!

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