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Thread: IYCF Seven pike

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Bought Improve Your Coarse Fishing because it had a nice pic of a pike on the front and an article on matt hayes catching a Severn 20.

    Truly cracking fish.

    However, there was something which didn't quite add up in the article.

    After all the usual references to things made by Fox, we get down to the nitty gritty of catching something.

    He describes playing it, and says he chinned the pike in by hand in the text.

    However, a picture shows him slipping the landing net under (presumably...) the same fish, with a caption saying Matt lands his Severn 20, or something like that.

    Any ideas..?

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    Tony O'dell Guest


    Hmmmm..very suspicious..but we must give them the benefit of the doubt and assume whoever wrote the article under Matt's name made an error

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Chris...look at most mags and u will see loads of instances of the same thing. Things like "A winter carp comes to the net", and the angler is in a t-shirt and there is a family in the background having a picnic etc.!

    The best i saw was a pic of a certain Mr. Cundiff fishing a "northern Mere" when infact it was Catch 22 in Norfolk.

    Sometimes its a mistake, sometimes its artistic license, but many times its to pad out a story if not enough pics are available.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Neither mate - he makes a specific point about chinning the fish out, even though it was a 20. One of the small pictures on a spread showed him netting one.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I've said it before and i will say it again....imo "chinning a 20 is a potential horror story......for angler and fish!

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    Andrew Thomas Guest


    Interestingly, it hasn't snowed in Stourport so far this winter. Nice to see good fresh copy in IYCF.

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    David Will Guest


    Have a look at the 'Herring' in the Pike baits bit. Is it not a Horse Mackeral shurely shome mistake.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Chinning the pike out.......No way!!!

    Many years ago I caught a 6 pound pike on a plug in a Lincs drain. Being lazy I lifted out the fish with my left hand. The fish kicked and slipped out of my hand. The top treble on the plug embedded itself in the flashy part of my hand between thumb and forefinger and the pike carried on kicking!!!

    I did a Rambo job and cut the hook out of my hand with my sheath knife which thankfully was kept razor sharp.

    I stll have the scar on my left hand.

    Matt Hayes must be Bloody Mad pulling a stroke like that!!

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Amazing what some people will do for the money shot.... ;o}~

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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    Any angling article is set-up to help sell mags - E-MAP are peticularly, in my opinion, good at pulling the wool over magazine browsers eyes.

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