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    Jeff Butler Guest


    Me with yet another question!
    Does anyone know if there has ever been much in the way of decent 10-15+lb Pike found in the River Lea Navigation between Turnford and Waltham Abbey in Hertfordhire? The reason I ask is that I'm assuming there has to be some big old fish in there..... There's a lot of water and a fare head of bait fish to sustain such fish..... Thing is I only really fished the Lea as a kid but as far back as I can remember I don't recall anyone ever Pike fishing there???

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    David Will Guest


    There are lots of Pike , but don't expect too many of 15lb plus.They are there but thin on the ground. The odd really big fish... 25 plus come out every season.Look the prey around features such as sluices , weirs and bridges. If you know of any decent Bream swims these are worth trying.
    This info is from a Lea regular. Not me.
    Good luck.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    There are big pike..but expect loads of fish to low doubles before hitting a big one

    Have fun..keep moving, and use livebaits for most action.

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