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    Andrew Webber Guest


    Yesterday I had my first lure session on a river. I fished a stretch of the avon near me in salisbury. One thing I noticed was the amount of **** on the bottom, shopping trolleys and branches mainly, I straightened out quite a few hooks! Any way point of this thread, can anyone recomend some lure to try? I tried Northland spinner baits in various colours, Mean Hornets and various Lucky strike spoons. The spinner baits are ok but most of the other lures I tried now need new hooks!
    The spinnerbaits I've got are a bit big for this river, are there small ones available?

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    Jeff Butler Guest


    I do a fair bit of lure fishing in the summer months and am used to snaggy swims! My advice is to switch to plugs... You can retreive them a lot slower than fast sinking lures and give them time to rise in the water instead of having to pull them through at a fast pace like you have to do with spoons etc to stop them hitting bottom. This should help you to 'miss' more snags or a least let you make a lighter contact with them, allowing you to free up your 'money' more easily! Something I've just learnt from our fellow members is that pike are 9 out of 10 times more likely to take a really slow drawn lure as they're not too keen to waste energy chasing food about in this cold weather...
    Checkout my thread underneath yours, it's all about winter lure fishing, it's helped me a load!
    Hope I've been helpful! Jeff......

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Try spoons. You can vary retrieve rate and rod angle to control running depth and they don't cost an arm and a leg if you lose a few.

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    John Pleasance Guest


    Andrew I have done a very limited amount of lure fishing but the first one out of my box every time is a basic 5" rapala in very ordinary colouring, black(almost)back, white belly and a very sexy slow wobble.Not many places I'm allowed to use it on the Avon though.For coloured water my first is a small shad thingy, red head and silvery white body.I would say that 90% of fish I've caught have been from the margins and in the first couple of casts in a swim.

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