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    Peter Waller Guest


    Charlie Bettell, love him, or loath him, attack him if we must, but swearing and pointless abuse get none of us nowhere. We had the same scenario of abuse with Nev Fickling. Critiscise if we must but surely we don't need openly hostile abuse.

    So, Cyril, is that really your name? Please cool it for all our sakes. Have your say, but why the abuse?

    Charlie, please come clean over this blessed 'confidence' rig. Put in a health warning if you must, but please, put us all out of our misery. Who knows, maybe we can help perfect it. I can fully understand those who find the whole issue annoying.

    I think a 'link' to your pfuk site is a good idea, quite acceptable, but do you have to so blatently use other people's forums to advertise your site? To my way of thinking it is an outright abuse of their hospitality and it clearly rubs quite a few people up the wrong way.

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    Peter Waller Guest


    Light blue touch paper, stand well back . . . . . .

    Count ten before replying.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5.....

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    Andy Doughty Guest


    4 - 3 - 2...

    Seriously though, I do have a problem with people being abusive and rude to others on an open (to the public) forum such as this.
    Just because somebody has different ideas to you it doesnt necesarly make them or you wrong or right.

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    I've got a problem with it as well, but what's the difference between somebody saying 'Secret bait my ar**', and 'Badgers ar**' in the Des Taylor thread and the words with ***** in the confidence rig one?

    Des is dangling a 'secret' and Charlie is dangling a 'secret'. But Des hasn't done it on this forum like Charlie, so that makes Charlie fair game on here, right?

    So here's my bit. I think Charlie invites the stick he gets, but the problem is that he can't take it when it comes his way.

    Me, I'm ****** off with hearing about the confidence rig and I just wish he had the confidence to tell us about it.

    Lets be honest, he's just taking the **** and we're all stupid enough to fall for it. Peter is right, he's using all this confidence rig business as an underhanded way to advertise his web site.

    I hope nobody goes near it.

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    Wilson Marshall Guest


    Having trawled through previous posts looking for the abusive thread with no success,can anyone tell me where to find it(cyrill).Having been told off by peter "obsessed with charlie"for giving charlie a hard time a while back it would be nice to see what the fuss is about.

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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    Cyril Secombe, in his profile, clearly states that he fishes for Carp, Barbel, Game and Sea fish - no mention of pike!! So why has he gone to such lengths to get me to spill the beans about something that he is clearly not interested in? I smell a rat!!

    I don't know why this new thread has opened up regarding the thing that I have promised not talk about anymore - i.e. until I have done a proper feature on it on my web site.

    With regard to me mentioning my Predator Fishing UK web site on - I can't see the harm in it. Predator Fishing UK has had 154,000 hits in the past year - do I really need to promote it in other forums? I think not.

    I do not have a problem linking Predator Fishing UK to any web site. If we web site owners all start trying to be individuals, we will be seen to be going down the very same road as all the different angling groups are - i.e. nobody seeing eye to eye and nobody wanting to work together.

    The beauty of the internet, in my opinion, is being able to help and educate others - all over the world!! Linking together, or talking about other web sites in forums etc, in my opinion, makes for healthy surfing of the www.

    If some of the moaners were to get off their bums and learn how to build a web site, instead of just offering a few snide comments here and there on forums, the net would be an even better place for people to visit and spend time.

    I have spent a lot of time over the last three years building Predator Fishing UK. The site costs me money to run each year - s plus a lot of man hours go into it. So why do I do it I heaqr you say. It's because I like to help others - plus give something back to the sport that has given me so much enjoyment over the years!

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Charlie..I agree with u about the www being a mine of info, and u are right, there is no harm in promoting your own site at all...I do it with my bike sites all the time ...its the only way some people find out about other sites.

    One minor point though Charlie..please, please, please update your site...the lure of the month has not changed for about 7 months! Its important to have an active, ever changing site if you want repeat visits. I must admit I have kind of given up on your site as 99% of the info is old hat now. This is not a critisism, more an observation from a studio manager of a web design company

    I know how difficult it is to update sites, especially if the site is not your main business..but keep up the good work!

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I started a thread on this confidence rig thing a few months back after Charlie Bettell went past me on the river and I noticed these outlandish looking rigs on his rods.

    So I suppose a lot of it's my fault.

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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    I aggree with you to some extent Rob regarding my Predator Fishing UK web site being a bit stagnant (my words not yours!!). But then my book has been selling for seven years now, without a major update, as it's still, no, even more popular today than what is was when I wrote it back in 1993.

    I know I need to add to the site mate, and up-date 'Lure Of The Month' and the like, but it really is a case of finding the time.

    I run quite a few web sites nowadays and am finding it harder and harder to keep up with things.

    If you would like to do a Lure Of The Month feature for Predator Fishing UK, please feel free to do so - the feature would be accredited to you.

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