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Thread: Slug_GO

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    Krasimir Bacargiev Guest


    I read an article about muskie fishing with a rubber salt scented lure, called Slug-Go. It seemed pretty successful, and a local muskie guide decided to improvise and renew the techniqie. Instead of using rubber baits, he caught a small eating sized fish, filleted it and form the fillet like the slug-goes. He then used a simple technique, pulling and leaving the bait to drop for a few seconds,then again pulling and so on. He immediately caught a few trophy fish, which up to this moment he had offered so many other lures. Everything proved fruitless, except the fillet. What do you think about this technique? It seems rather interesting to me, think to try it.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    It is similar to the UK method of "wobbling". There really is no need to mess about filliting the fish. Just mount it on a set of trebles and cast it out. Flick the rod as u bring it back, sommetimes letting it sink to the bottom. Its been used in the UK for well over 100 years.

    You can also wire either a balsa wood stick or a metal/lead weight onto the top treble and pass the wood/weight into the baits mouth. This way u can have a surface bait or a sinking, heavy bait for long casts and deep water.

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    I've got some of those Slug-gos. Bought them from Rox-Max a few years back. I really must give them a try.

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