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    Default Re: river wye piking

    Try a live bait, they outfish deads on the Wye by a good margin.

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    Default Re: river wye piking

    I have already tried live baits no joy

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicky View Post
    a picture of that rig would be nice mick ?
    As I cannot send you a pm I will try a technical description.

    Line, Mucilin greased clear mono 14-17lb.
    Float, Hole thro middle, cigar style sea floats with a small bead Arraldited into the top.
    Line stops, short pieces of doubled reel line, uni-knotted.
    Traces are homemade from -
    Berkley 50lb black barrel, 30lb Sevenstrand trolling wire, Partridge outpoint 4or6s.
    Weight, SSG shot, barrel or drilled bullet (home produced).

    Set-up -
    Stop knot on line - line down thro float - stop knot - line attached to swivel.
    Weight attachment - 2-4 shot gripped onto trace above top hook, all other on section of doubled line passed thro bottom ring of swivel.

    Depth setting - top stop knot at 3/4 depth, bottom stop knot at 1/4 depth.

    An addition I use these days is a Roberts ledger bead between the lower stop knot and the trace to which I attach a short section of 4lb mono - onto this goes the weights Im using, but if I know/see/swirl a fish the weight can be transferred to a longer paternoster link to present a static bait deeper in the area.

    If its a v snaggy river I will also use dried and varnished sections of Reed Mace stem* held onto the line with elastic bands.
    *cut in winter, dry over following summer, very buoyant, cheap&cheerful

    Pm me if you have any problems.

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