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    Default Re: Replacing trebles with singles

    Quote Originally Posted by steve2 View Post
    I have never found a need to change from trebles to singles. Most of my predator fishing whether lure or deadbait is done using trebles.
    Why change and please don't say fish wellfare?
    I must admit i've pretty much given up. Too many missed takes.
    The only thing i'm not too keen on are big lures with 3 sets of hooks. I've had a couple of fish that have had a flying hook in the head (one even in they eye)

    I found that pretty awful


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    Default Re: Replacing trebles with singles

    There's a group of match anglers that frequent my favourite stretch of a local river who are always on about this. At first I just thanked them for their advice and got on with what I was doing. But their attitude has since started to irk me. They seem to think that anyone who leaves their hand tuned Rapala as it was intended to be must be some sort of novice, to be patronised and lectured until they acknowledge the superior expertise of cliques of match anglers.

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