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    Default Zander lures river Severn

    Hey guys, I’m off to the Severn in a few weeks to attempt to catch a Zander. My friend and I will be fishing from a boat, just wondered if you guys had any lure suggestions.

    I’ve seen videos of matt Hayes using small deep diving crankbaits , casting to the bank and getting them down quick then steady retrieve.
    Thanks guy

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    Default Re: Zander lures river Severn

    Well I dont know about the Severn but I know Zander are very partial to soft curly tail grubs in various colours.

    As you have access to a boat I would consider jigging these up and down close to the bottom. The problem with a crankbait is to try and keep it down in the killing zone for long enough.

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    Default Re: Zander lures river Severn

    How heavy would you go with jig heads. I generally try to use as little weight as possible (5-10g) but I don’t fish big rivers. Also do you bother with wire traces (pike) or do you find a 10-15lb fluro leader works.
    Thanks guy

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    Default Re: Zander lures river Severn

    I think the best answer for jig head weight is use heavy enough ! You need to get it down to the bottom and keep it there. If the lure is wafting up and down in the current its not going to help your chances. I doubt 5-10g is going to cut it in the middle of a powerful river. Put on enough weight to be able to feel a positive "donk" when it hits bottom.

    Where I fish I do use fluro but I dont have many Pike. I dont know the Severn very well but I would think wire is going to be a must there.

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    Default Re: Zander lures river Severn

    Thanks for your advice Philip, I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ll post a video on my YouTube channel, “the occasional angler” post trip

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    Default Re: Zander lures river Severn

    Yes, a wire trace please on the Severn.

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