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Thread: Rod for perch

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    Quote Originally Posted by shane99 View Post
    I have thought about getting them refurbished/upgraded with small avon type rings but I fear the cost wouldnt make it viable, I have no idea what cost that would be - any idea's anyone ?. Maybe a job lot for someone ?
    I thought about doing that too but in the end decided that it just wasn't worth it. I'd like to change the tip rings but I've not yet found any that look quite right.

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    It might cost a bit but the Gary Peet may do a custom version on request.

    As for a Perch I used to use the old JW Avon quiver ..1.25tc ..and that did the job ok.

    I also have some stepped up/power match rods and they are ideal too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ian g View Post

    Tackle Box Darent Valley 11ft (0.75lb) Specialist Rod

    these rods are rated as good all rounders
    These rods are fantastic for the money, I am really pleased with mine. read some of the reviews on their site.
    They are a soft enough action for small fish, but I have caught carp up to just under 15lb too with no problem.

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    I got one these in the end
    Rovex John Wilson Avon Quiver Travel Rod - PS99.99

    Hopefully will fo the job

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