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    Default Strong Treble Hook Recommendations

    Hi All

    It's been a while.

    Could you recommend me some brands of good quality, strong trebles suitable for pike lures.

    Yesterday I lost a couple of good fish (near 20s). One opened the hook slightly and the hook pulled out. The other completely snapped the hook at the bend.

    I was using a Salmo lure with size 6 trebles a supplied with the lure.

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    Default Re: Strong Treble Hook Recommendations

    Fox XS Carbon trebles have always worked well for me.

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    Default Re: Strong Treble Hook Recommendations

    I am surprised a treble would open on a fish like that. Maybe a bad batch? I do know that some lure anglers fit trebles that deliberately open up under heavy pressure with braid to enable expensive lures to be freed from snags.
    I wonder if the lure was fitted with these from new?

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    Default Re: Strong Treble Hook Recommendations

    Owner ST41 BC hooks are strong and good for lures as they have a nice large eye and wide rounded gape, slightly weaker are the ST36 BC hooks which has been said earlier are easier to straighten out of a snag.
    You hadn't by any chance previously straightened out a bent treble as I have had problems with them breaking after bending them back into shape.
    These hooks supplied by Lurefactors are very good with a similar profile to the Owner hooks but cheaper Lure Factors| Hooks
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    Default Re: Strong Treble Hook Recommendations

    Won't go far wrong with the owners.

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    Default Re: Strong Treble Hook Recommendations

    I have not purchased them for a long time but Partridge made good strong trebles.

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