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    Default Re: landing net for canal lure fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by sylvanillo View Post
    I have this one that I've been using for about 2 years now. It's quite ok.

    "Street n Rock " EPUISETTE STREET & ROCK - MANCHE ISO DAIWA 410 + TETE PAFEX 50 - Des Poissons Si Grands

    It's a catch-and-release net from Pafex, on a sliding handle. The handle can be purchased separately. Very, very lightweight.

    The model I have is the longest handle, and I can tell you it saved me when fishing from high banks. Now, you don't have to extend it when the fish is close to you.

    Daiwa ISO handle:
    I did look at these but they cost was more than I was prepared to pay. How strong are the at full length?

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    Default Re: landing net for canal lure fishing

    Yep that wasn't the cheapest net we find in gooutdoors, but I have found it to be a good investment. I remember it was a special price.

    To be clear it's designed to be carried folded, when you've got your fish you take the handle in one hand, and deploy using your nicest Harry Potter wand gesture. You don't have to deploy it entirely.

    When entirely unfolded (6 feet with mine) that would mean you're above the water from a high bank, in that case using the net like a fry pan to lift a good fish is too difficult... so I use the long handle to get the fish and then I can hoist the package to the bank

    And I think mine is too long to resist a good fish if used at full length

    A net is the impossibe combination of requirements but this one has been way better than a "rudipontaine" (automatic net, which broke on my second chub) or a retractable pafex which was heavy and broke on a pike

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