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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Hi guys, sorry I have not been about fot a while, besided my success at the Carp of Norfolk...I have been doing a bit of exploring on some of the wilder lochs of Scotland...and thats where my problem begins....

    Last weekend I blew up my sixth baitrunner, totally stripping the gears. I also had two spools go! This is because I have started using serious baits for serious fish in serious waters.

    The baitrunners are just not up to the job I am afraid, and its the newer ones that are giving up the ghost first!

    Can anyone recommend a reel for use with baits up to 10oz, hauling fish through weed, and retrieving weed covered baits?

    Reels on the short list are the Quantum baitrunners, Biomasters, Emblems, Giant big pit reel and possibly the Okuma Epix baitfeeder in the 70 or 80 size.

    I am using either 30 lb fireline or 17 pound normal nylon depending on the swim.

    Can anyone recommend anything?


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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    If you want a serious reel, i.e. for serious pike fishing, go for an Abu 6501 multiplier.

    Is has a superb freespool ratchet system, so loud it will wake you should you dooze off, and I have found the reel to be very reliable.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Charlie, I have several 6501's for boat fishing and jerkbaits..I really need something for off the shore, fishing upto 100 yars with half macks etc.

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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    100 Yars!! - I only fish on Yar at a time (!)

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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    100 Yars!! - I only fish one Yar at a time (!)

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    "fishing up to 100 yards" - What do you think sea anglers use?


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    Charlie Bettell Guest


    Trust me Rob, you aint casting a half mackeral, plus lead weight, 100 yards.

    My local river Yare is exactly 50 yards wide, bank to bank, outside BAC. I have asked many customers who have been discussing casting distance in the shop, how wide they thought the river was. Most people that I've asked over the years, reckoned it to be about 75 yards.

    Get a 100 yard spool of line and walk it off in a field Rob - you will get a shock just how far 100 yards is.

    If I really went for it, I could probably cast a half mackeral and 2-3oz weight 70 yards - i.e. using my Abu 6501 C3 and my old trusty conoflex sea rod - which can cast up to 6oz. I doubt if I could get that distance using a baitrunner.

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    Charlies right Rob. I'm not the worlds best multiplier caster but I've fished one rod with a multiplier and one rod with a fixed spool and with big deads I'm hard pushed to tell which casts further. If you really want to cast some distance with a multiplier take the level wind off or buy a shore casting reel which hasn't got one. You need an educated thumb then though!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    The multiplier in SKILLED hands will cast further any day. However many anglers do not have the skills, nor the time to aquire them to use a multiplier to it's full potential. A big fixed spool reel would be the best option.

    Yes I get many rumours that Shimano reels are not what they used to be.

    I have one of the original baitrunner reels which came out about 1985. I have used it for pike, zander, various South African salt water species up to 50 lbs, many catfish and bass.

    Never had a problem. The reel is as good today as when it was first purchased.

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    Jeremy Airey Guest


    Hey Rob
    Shame people don't read what you write isn't it. I presume "FISHING" at 100 yards incl. a spot of wading. If you can cast a half mackeral 100 plus (measured) yards your my hero.
    On the reel front take a peak at the sea angling mags you should find a robust reel to suit in there or you could email Neil McKellow I'm sure he would help.
    The Biomaster 8000 has a good rep. for toughness but all your short list sounds fine to me.
    Bit of a change from the old ultralghts though isn't it.

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