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Thread: Scents

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    Robin Badocha Guest


    Frequently used when deadbaiting what is the general view on using scents/oils
    when lure fishing?

    Waste of time or worth a go?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    The yanks seem to like using scents on there lures....Berkeley sell them in the UK..Smelly do Harris Angling....give em a bash...u neer know!!

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    Davy North Guest


    I know there are plugs with hollow chambers to emit bubbles. Has anyone come up with a plug that could be injected with scent to leave a trail through the water?

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    Robin Badocha Guest


    On a similar note, has anyone seen a set of crankbaits I once saw on a TV shopping advert that emitted 'sonic-waves' when they hit the water?

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I've had some good fish on oiled baits over the last season or so. Definitely worth a go. A lot of people are playing around with it at the moment, so I reckon we could see some real advances.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I honestly feel that a lure that was giving off a "scent" may well convince a predator to strike rather than turn away simply by further triggering it's that may be needed is the old red wool trick but soaked in whatever you (or the fish!) fancy.
    Good thread Robin.

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    Most times you don't need extra flavours or colours, etc, on most types of bait, but on those days when they're not having it that little extra something makes all the difference.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    After fishing with plastic worms for black bass for almost 20 years I can tell you that scents DO make a difference. In fact some plastic worms are so atractive to the bass that they EAT THEM!!. I've often killed a bass for the pot and found bits of plastic worm in its gut.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Yozuri do a range of lures that has a slot in the belly. U insert a fibre pad that comes with the lure, and u inject the pad with flavour. I have used them and I guess they work.

    What about strawberry flavoured deadbaits? Have know people to also use Vic and WD40!

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    keith reid Guest


    I use them for deadbaiting and I am sure they can make a difference. My mate and me fished and both of us caught similar no's of pike but his were all singles and several of mine were doubles- I was using oils (Salmon on charr and trout) . This happened on more than 1 occasion. He now uses oils. Now it could have been coincedence or just luck , but I personally felt it made a difference.

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