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Lord Paul of Sheffield 26-02-2013 12:33

a gap in the market??
Barbel poles

the tackel trade makes poles for tageting carp - surely there's a market for poles for barbel - somewhere between a silver fish pole and a carp pole

aebitim 26-02-2013 12:44

Re: a gap in the market??
Not sure how usefull a pole would be for barbel fishing and suspect a carp pole would work should the need arise. I have been known to catch the odd good barbel using a 15ft extra power carp float rod that takes 10lb line and it works a treat, so presumably a carp pole [is that the rod without a reel and the elastic band on the end?] would suffice.

Lord Paul of Sheffield 26-02-2013 12:55

Re: a gap in the market??
But i'm guessing if a tackle company say Diawa produced a 16 m pole that had the word Barbel on it and some named angler used it then it woudl sell - might not work on the Trent but a nicely presented bait on a slow flowing river - BINGO

Mr Cholmondeley-Corker (PaSC) 26-02-2013 13:12

Re: a gap in the market??
Would it need to be a through action for barbel?

Also, why between silvers and carp? Surely the carp pole would be somewhere in the middle?

aebitim 26-02-2013 13:13

Re: a gap in the market??
Not sure, my rod has a name on it and is made by diawa, it was discounted from 280 to 100 because nobody bought it even though it is a carp rod, I suspect this is because it has a sliding reelseat that sits straight on the blank. Funny bunch anglers, always ready to try something new unless its rods and reels, a recent example being, of course, a centerpin with a drag.
Appologies in advance for using the C word on your thread but in this case I think it justified.

Lord Paul of Sheffield 26-02-2013 13:23

Re: a gap in the market??
also barbel floats - another gap to be filled

Mr Cholmondeley-Corker (PaSC) 26-02-2013 13:34

Re: a gap in the market??
Another thought - Perhaps a barbel pole hasn't been produced because the barbel society won't allow it???

Maybe they allready researched this and found that a barbel gets too stressed when played on a pole??? Anyone know?

guest39 26-02-2013 13:34

Re: a gap in the market??

Originally Posted by Lord Paul of Sheffield (Post 1212832)
also barbel floats - another gap to be filled

From Dave Harrell I present..


SIZES: 3g, 4g, 5g, 6g, 8g, 10g

As the name suggests, this is a great float for targeting barbel in fast shallow water. There’s a lot more to it than just barbel fishing though as it’s also the perfect float for chub and indeed any fast water situation where buoyancy and visibility are the key requirements.
I always use this float with an olivette rather than a bulk of shot as it’s much less tangle prone this way and casts much better too. Below the olivette, which is fixed about 18 inches to two foot from the hook, I use one shot, which is usually a No4 or a no1.

sam vimes 26-02-2013 13:43

Re: a gap in the market??
Barbel, even river barbel have certainly been caught using poles. I seem to recall Matt Hayes doing it on film in one of his TV series. However, not for one moment do I believe that a pole with "barbel" on it would sell, particularly not an expensive one. The number of places where a pole would be particularly useful for river barbel is relatively few and far between. I can't think of a single place local to me where I think it would be appropriate. If I could, I'd have given it a shot, just to say I had.

I also see less and less poles with "carp" somewhere in the name. Top end poles usually avoid this despite almost all of them being built with carp (commercial carp) in mind. One of these poles would be perfectly adequate for the task described. If the user felt the need to fish a little lighter they'd do so by putting a lighter elastic in his top kit. However, an angler fishing for carp with such a pole will regularly do that anyway. It's relatively rare to see carp capable poles being used with 20+ elastics that so many envisage being used all the time. The arrival of pullers to the market has actually seen the average elastic rating used drop in the last few years. Most pole anglers only get the very heavy stuff out if the real lumps turn up in the nearside margins.

beerweasel 26-02-2013 13:43

Re: a gap in the market??
Surely those are chubbers.

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