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    Default Avon: River Hampshire Avon Fishing

    hi fishing the avon royalty and stour throop any pointers would be most welcome dont need pegs just would like to know a little info about both waters reading kevin groziers book avon days and stour ways i would recomend this book to anyone what a great read it is
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    Default Re: river hamp avon

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    Not sure about the Royalty except for a few barbel to maggot feeder. As Fred says, Davis Tackle will give you all the info you want and their reports for both there and Throop are very good even though they are not currently very regular (given by one of the bailiffs who is on both venues virtually every day).

    I'll be on Throop tomorrow, regardless of the heavy frost out there tonight and rain tomorrow. Trotting for chub with plenty of maggot fished as fine as you dare (20/22 hook, single/double red with regular and constant loose feed). Plenty of chub showing throughout the fishery averaging close on 5lbs and a good chance of a 6 or two.

    Kevin's book is a classic, but I'm biased!

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    Not sure when you're fishing down in Dorset/Hants but the Stour at Throop is a bit low and clear but still has a powerful flow.

    Looked spot on today but I tried several swims up and down from School Bridge to no avail (except a lost seatrout). But I eventually settled in the 6th swim of the day below the bridge at around 3pm and found plenty of chub to about 4lb.

    All on the float (6SSG Drennan Loafer #20 to 3lb double red maggot). Lots of walking (unusual for me) but for the last two hours they were queuing up. No sign of the really big chub but it was good to see the 3lb/4lb fish and all in very good condition.

    Don't forget, if you fish Throop, you will need a key when you buy your ticket to gain access to most areas.

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    thanks for the help. we are down in july but i like to keep up to date with whats going on thanks

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    Totally different river in July! Good luck!

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    Hi,i float fished the Throop Sept 30th for 5 days,had lots dace and roach to about 1lb and 1 roach of 2lb 8oz.I saw only 1 barbel caught.12lb 8oz and no info from Christchurch Tackle and bait or davis or avon tackle shops.regards and good luck.

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