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    Default Upper Reaches of the Welland

    I begun my insight to coarse fishing for chub on the river welland from harrowden to just before barrowden some 20 years ago, the river was full of life, double figure Pike lurking in the reeds, big Chub holding their own against the cover on the far bank and vast shoals of quality Roach, unfortunately i was lead a stray from the area as i was too young to drive so had to rely on my feet or my bike to commute to nearer areas of fishing interest.
    Just this winter thanks to google earth i went in search of the areas i had been, as i was taken to it by my at the time step dad i was not too sure on its where abouts exactly. To get to the point i walked the area and only spotted 2 Chub and i must have walked for the best part of 2 miles, it was not anything like i remember the once rich water. I have heard that the river is yet another victim of the re-introduction of the otters.
    I went down for a few hours of roving, to my suprise i caught a brown trout of about 2lb which i had never knew that they were in the river.

    Does anyone fish these areas anymore? and with what success?

    I have been looking at some deep holes from ashley to barrowden at the moment and had the one chub at about 2lb

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    Default Re: Upper Reaches of the Welland

    yes i still fish these reaches in fact the river welland at gretton weir was origionally controlled by uppingham and district angling society ..ive since taken over this stretch and theres still chub to 3-4lb my best is actually 5lb30z but as ive taken over its now a private stretch members only but yes the chub are still there

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