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Thread: River Fishing

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    Default River Fishing

    Hi All,
    As a relative newcomer to fishing, I'd like to give river fishing a go. Can anyone tell me how to go about getting memberships or day tickets organised for the Trent. I live Mansfield way and have heard various places (Gunthorpe, Fiskerton, Dunham, Stoke Bardolph) but cannot find out how to get sorted to fish anywhere.
    Any other suggestions would be gratefully received,


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    The Notts AA book has plenty of Trent fishing on it and you can buy one from the tackle shop at Clipstone amongst other places, around £30 - £35 per season if I remember rightly and they have some nice local waters including East Bridgeford (opposite Gunthorpe from the weir down), details here...


    Notts Piscatirals also do day tickets for their stretches at Rolleston and Fiskerton, details here...

    Day Tickets | Nottingham Piscatorial Society

    You've also got the island at Newark on £5 per day collected on the bank and the opposite bank along Tolney Lane is free, some good general fishing too as everyone else seems to concentrate on the barbel.

    You've also got the A1 Pits and their stretch of the river at South Muskham, details here...

    There should be many more and you will always get some good advice from Gerrys of Nottingham or Walkers of Trowell on where to fish if you give 'em a ring but hope this gives you a good starting point
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