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    Default river dove 2015/16

    Had leave from work so i could fish on the opening day, did my first night ever on a river, lovely night apart from no fish caught untill dawn, did see an otter though. Got the float rod going as soon as it was light enough (4am) , fishing hemp and caster i caught chub, dace, grayling, trout and a perch so well happy, best chub was around the 5lb mark. It looks like a poor year for spawning so far with next to no fry in the river where last year it was like fish soup, looks like the cold spring has really set things back, no problem with minnows either, looking forward to a few more sessions.


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    Default Re: river dove 2015/16

    Thought I would post a small report.

    Been fishing the Dove right where it meets the Trent.

    Hard work the last week, nothing like last year.

    Seen plenty of small Chub, but hardly any roach, Dace or Grayling.

    Off to the Trent tomorrow, hoping for better.

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    Default Re: river dove 2015/16

    Second session of the year, river at it's lowest and flowing very steadily, wasted a couple of hours in what became obvious the wrong swim so i moved to shallower faster moving water and started catching immediately, had some lovely grayling to the pound mark and a few small chub. Agood day in the end but the river really needs plenty of rain to get it moving.


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    Default Re: river dove 2015/16

    Not getting to much dove time in if I'm not working the dam rivers in flood and only 6 weeks untill seasons end, depressing.


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