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Thread: River wantsum

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    Hi there took dogs for a run sunday and came across the river wantsum down near reculver . Pulled in and big sighn saying wantsum fishing club prices web site etc etc .
    so had walk up and no one fishing at all all swims empty . Walk all way down and crossed railway and there was a feller with a dog at the pumpstation got talkin and he said the river died when somone let in sea water years back .

    Anyway i tried to google it and cant find no info on fishing there and the website for club is invalid now not running .

    I fancy giving it a go the weekend as it 10 mins from me but not sure where once you pull in like look of bit after railway where pumphouse/ slues is . Anyone with tips. info .on fish' the river . bait etc would help greatly . . Would love a river tench not had one yet .

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    I'm getting a touch of groundhog day I think

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