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    Default Re: Ribble: River Ribble Fishing Reports

    On a social media site someone has posted these pics of a fish he caught from the Ribble. Most who replied also showed pics of very similar looking fish.
    The general consensus was that these were choach or chub roach hybrids and were common in the river.

    Ribble: River Ribble Fishing Reports-image.jpeg

    Ribble: River Ribble Fishing Reports-image.jpg

    I thought they may be Ide but the scale count on the lateral line is too few? I am not disputing their opinions. I think they're a rare-ish fish elsewhere.
    Are they that common on the Ribble?

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    Default Re: Ribble: River Ribble Fishing Reports

    They do seem to be fairly common,there was a lot of talk about them in the tackle shop, one or two suggested that somebody had been messing about at the EA fish farm, there has been quite a bit of restocking in the ribble.
    It would make sense if they don’t normally hybridise.

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    Those hybrids have been about for many years. They become more localised in the lower river during the winter months. They're nothing new to the local and/or regular anglers of the water. Obviously some numpty has caught one and thought he'd struck gold.
    Although they are a novelty at first it soon wears off and personally i'd much prefer to catch either a chub or a roach rather than one of these mongrel fish lol.

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    Default Re: Ribble: River Ribble Fishing Reports

    Interesting looking fish though nonetheless ! I'd (no pun intended) be delighted to catch one!

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    Let's relaunch this juggernaut !!!!
    Only managed one trip to the Ribble so far this season. It was high and not particularly handsome. Only had a light float rod with me so that I could catch loads of dace on trotted maggots. Oh sugar the tackle shop was out of maggots. I improvised with small pieces of luncheon meat on a size 14 hook. Result - one bite in 4 hours but hey the good old Ribble isn't done yet. Didn't have scales with me so will never know for sure what the very handsome chub weighed. By comparing it with the width of my net I can say it was 17 inches long and rather chunky.
    How are all you other Ribble regulars doing?

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