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Thread: favorite movie

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    Default favorite movie

    whats your all time favorite movie…..???//////
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    binka Guest

    Default Re: favorite movie

    Not sure if I have a favourite.

    I'm not a movie person as such but if so it would probably be something with a deep, complicated plot and suspense throughout like Weekend At Bernies

    I did think that Valkyrie was very good.

    Edited to add: I've just noticed the link to advertising has been removed along with two other posts and think this is spam... I stick by Weekend At Bernies 100% though :-)
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    Default Re: favorite movie

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    Hmmmn, difficult one this, but I'd have to go with:

    Debbie does Dallas

    [insert daft smiley thing > > > HERE]

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    Thin red line

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    Default Re: favorite movie

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Jacobs View Post
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    and it's still the same choice hehe

    Mine... The Usual Suspects.. the scene in the line up still makes me arf and the ending is ace... although Saving Private Ryan is a close second.
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    Default Re: favorite movie

    Can't make my mind up, either Zulu or Deep Throat. Maybe both at once?
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    alan whittington Guest

    Default Re: favorite movie

    'Lord of the Rings' for me,simply amazing and I can watch them again and again.

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    Default Re: favorite movie

    Its got to be Zulu for me.

    High Noon for second place

    And D d D a third.......maybe


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    Default Re: favorite movie

    Quote Originally Posted by geoffmaynard View Post
    Can't make my mind up, either Zulu or Deep Throat. Maybe both at once?
    There has to be an assegai pun for this...

    Sadly I can`t think of one... answers on a postcard please...
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    Default Re: favorite movie

    As it is a Rod Building thread i figured the film needs to be more relevant, something like "Wilf does Whipping" but on second thoughts, such a film (if it existed) might have little to do with rod building.
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