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    Default Painting a Rapidex Centrepin ....

    I have already got an old Trudex reel which I purchased last year to take along to my annual summer Barbel trip on the Severn : Pleased to say that I managed to land an 8lb Barbel on it and was well chuffed ... so much so that I have just purchased an old Rapidex from e-bay .... I think I have caught the centrepin bug.

    The paintwork on the Rapidex reel I have just purchased looks like it could do with a bit of tidy up - however, I am not sure how I would go about this or whether or not I should just enjoy the reel as it is with is years of acquired character and battle scars.

    From a quick look on the internet I could probably get it back to to bare metal (sand blast or similar) / coat with aliminium primer / top coat with black satin Plasti-kote - and hopefully end up with a decent finish.

    However, I could possibly also end up with a lot of regrets and wish I had just left it as it was.

    I think I know what I will end up doing but welcome your thoughts / observations.


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    take it too a car spay shop ask about powder coating and other finishes
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    Quote Originally Posted by chavender View Post
    take it too a car spay shop ask about powder coating and other finishes
    As someone who used to run a car body shop, I would say that it would probably be cheaper to throw it away and buy a new reel than have it done professionally.

    If you go to a car paint supply company you can buy Etch primer in an aerosol. remove the old finish first and any blemishes, key the reel with a bit of scotch brite, wipe it with thinners and then give it a couple of coats of the Etch primer followed by a couple of coats of satin black. I did an old Speedia that looked a bit tatty about four years ago and it still looks fine.

    If the reel has value as a collectors piece then it's best left with it's original finish. I don't think the reel in question really falls into that catagory, so tidy it up and use it.
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    Thanks for your replies.

    Will give it a go with some careful preparation / masking / priming and a satin black top coat - its far from a collectors piece (£ 25 from e-bay - bargain !) so really only after giving it a tidy up so that it hopefully lasts another forty odd years.


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    Sorted .... Came out OK I am pleased to say..........

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Meant to include the before pics as well .....

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