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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Knowing the area well, I find this particularly sad. One glimmer of hope is that an excellebt job was done on restoring water levels to the river Darenth in the same area and I only hope they can bring this little river back to its former stance as well.

    I wonder what the fine will be to the offender ? I know what I would like it to be!

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    Up date on this thread.

    the Cray is full of fish in 2004, though a few small incidents of pollution have taken place.

    the incident with the detergeant in 2001 is still being dealt with by the ACA, details in the 2003/04 mag.

    I make a point of reporting the slightest sign of any pollutant to the EA, even if it turnes out not to be a problem or is restricted to a small area.

    the EA are looking into run off and posible domestic plumbing that is entering the Cray at a few locations, at least to suspect out falls at Foots Cray Meadows have been investigated this spring, 2004.

    We are educating locals and with the River Keeper volunteers that we hope to have along the Cray & Shuttle by the End of 2004, more eyes will be out there to keep check of things.

    this is all very well, but business or residents that allow pollution to enter any water way must be hit hard by the EA, ACA and the courts.

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