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    Ron Clay Guest


    I wouln't worry too much about these sharks, even though they are closely related to the Great White.

    The movie "Jaws" did the poor shark a great deal of harm. The great white is now a very rare species and does not really figure in shark attacks world wide. Off the Kwazulu Natal Coast the shark with the worst reputation is what is called a Zambezi Grey. I don't know the scientific name. Also the hammerhead shark can be very nasty as they tend to swim in shoals.

    The Mako shark is highly regarded as a game fish. They are very fast and fight extremely well.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Ron, agree mate, the poor shark has had years of persicution. I belive the Bull shark is the worst offender for attacks in the world, mainly because it is a shallow water species, whilst the Great White, Mako etc tend to stay in deeper water.

    I have had the pleasure of swimming with Hammerheads, Nurse and White tippped Reef sharks whilst living abroad, and to see this things hunt and feed is the most amazing sight.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Man's relationship with sharks is very odd indeed. On the coasts of Kwazulu Natal there are numerous shark nets to prevent sharks coming inshore to attack bathers. Now sharks have fins gills and are fish and are designed to swim in water. Man has no fins, no gills and is the poorest swimmer on the planet. Also if you put a man under water he will drown.

    Man is not a fish!!!

    Yet they spend large amounts of money preventing fish from coming inshore to get their natural food, whilst man, who does not need to swim in inshore areas and infact does not need to swim at all, has the right of way!

    It does not make sense.

    Much of the inshore food chain of South Africa's beaches has been ruined by the installation of shark nets.

    Shark captured in these nets often die a lingering death.

    I wonder what would happen if a few nasty sharks come along to our south coast.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Luckly there are no shark nets off the coast of Brunei where i lived. U could catch them from the beach in the right areas. Wonderful to see them swim away again!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I'll bet you had a good time catching exotic species in that part of the world.

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    Michael Hall Guest


    I think that people have an understandable fear of sharks but I think that they pose no threat as accidents with shrks are fairly rare and I bet they are amazing creatures in the sea!

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