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Thread: Help please

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    David Will Guest


    Chaps can anyone assist I am on holiday in south east Cornwall near Helston in a weeks time. I would like to do a bit of Beach fishing. I think I have suitable gear it is rigs and bait I am not sure of. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Shock leader...lead tied to bottom via a clip or split ring, 2 or 3 droppers above, attached the same way u would a helicopter rig...sorted.

    U could use bait clips etc....but just pick up a copy of sea angler and u will find loads of pre tied rigs advertised.

    As for bait..for flatties, fish strips or squid strips. For BIG flatties, peeler crab, for bass, **** or cocktails such as lug and squid, mussel, and squid etc., for pollack etc from the rocks, fish strip..wrasse, mussel, crab or live shrimp...

    Hope that helps a little

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