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Thread: seaford

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    Steve Bolister Guest


    I am going to seaford today an i wondered if any one could tell me how it was fishing ??? Any help would appreciated
    with thanks

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    Steve Bolister Guest


    just got back from seaford .What a complete wast of time one pout over two tides ??
    the beam trawlers were very busy coming so close
    they almost beached them self . I could not belive what i was seeing .

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    ray bewick Guest


    Steve, I assume you to be relatively local.

    I used to fish the Newhaven breakwaters quite a lot some years ago, Seaford Beach occasionally usually by the Buckle but only at night. It always seemed to be alive at anytime of the year with little Pout.

    Due to the problems with trawling etc I prefered to fish the breakwaters where year round you were certain to catch, just be adaptable.

    Pros - Summer days float fishing for Gars & Mackeral with strip or sandeel on light gear or if prepared to chance it Mac head ( with guts attached) close to the rocks either at the inside end of the west arm or outer close in from shore side (imposible to land big bass otherwise)also use live prawns. Eels if you like 'em. Scad under a lamp at night on float gear, Mullet & Bass up the river. Allsorts really!.

    Early winter whiting trips, late winter flounders. Proper Anglers? facing adverse conditions, the craic.

    By the way I hooked but lost a Turbot the size of a large dusbin lid on the East breakwater; casting out too the east 3 hook paternoster strip bait, there were about a dozen witnesses!.

    Against fishing the breakwaters - Bloomin crab pots, ferries, rocks, other anglers, general public/ kids etc, smelly (toilets are a long way a way, but its fishing people that do it!). Oh yes, the west breakwater can be bloody dangerous in bad weather!.

    All in all & as bad as it can environmentally, the breakwaters are worse then some but much better then most.

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    Steve Bolister Guest


    i live in london but try to make as many trips as possable to seaford.. I also have fished both arms fishing for bass at the end by the stairs and have had some good fishing there i have also had a
    turbot(only small)..But i used to really injoy
    the fishing of seaford about three times a week..
    For the last year i have been fishing scarb (marine drive ) . so i was really looking fordward to my trip to seaford but i won!t be rushing back ??? If you could let off some other spots i could try i would be very greatful

    cheers mate

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    ray bewick Guest



    have you tried Brighton Marina; as Newhaven the water is shallower, same tactics. Summer- Good bass off the west arm, fishing straight down into the 'v'. Mullet also and it pays to groundbait. I've also caught in increasing numbers over the years small Black Bream and Gurnard. Pollack to a couple of pounds on white lures fished in teams around the rocks. Early winter - numerous whiting occasional codling late winter never fished it. I was always at Newhaven
    Shoreham beach - Golden Grey Mullet in multiple catchs to harbour rag, 3 hook paternoster lobbed out close in (Tidemills at Newhaven same).
    Shoreham breakwaters - etc

    Hope this helps

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    Steve Bolister Guest


    thanks ray
    it's been a couple of year's since i've have fished brighton .But i will be giving it a go never tried down the V i will now for the bass thanks for the tip.. I have been thinking about shoreham but did not realise that they had a breakwater also going to try ( shorne )and isle of sheppy . I think i may have been fishing a bit to far out at brighton before .So thanks for your help and tips ray

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