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    Freddie Coleman Guest


    What kind of strange person would want fishes in the toilet anyway its just sickening.
    It is possibly riskin the lives of the fish.

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    Freddie Coleman Guest


    If somebody really wanted fish in the toilet they could have bought some of those mechanical goldfish instead but not real fish thats just vile.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Its a gimic. The fish are not harmed...there is plenty of water left once the toilet is flushed.

    I know what u are saying..but really..they would be fine. All that happens is that when the bog is flushed, about 1 third of the water from the cistern is removed, to be replaced with freash, clean water. I can tell u know....i have seen some aquariums that have been filthy...much worse for the little buggers that live in those.

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