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    Terry Edmonds Guest


    i used to fish beaches during the winter time for codling and whiting, and im thinking of doing a bit this winter for the first time in years.the question is if illegal netting is such a problem and fish stocks so low im not sure if its worth it, and is there any incentive for beginners to take up this branch of the sport,which is crucial for the future of the sport.

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    Ray Bewick Guest


    Terry - depends where you live.

    I haven't fished off the beach for a while but there was never a dearth of fish even then; just very few sizable fish.

    Standing on a beach in late autumn, a calm sea with a full moon & the first hard frost is an experience anyone can enjoy. The fierce rattling bite on the rod tip of a whiting is the icing on the cake, go with a mate and enjoy the craic!.

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    Terry Edmonds Guest


    i couldnt agree more about being on the beach, its a very special experience, it just seems everything i read is very depressing about sea fishing which i find very sadening are things that bad? i would love to be able to spend a bit a money on tackle and go and catch some fish like i used to about ten years ago but will i ? i dont want to be doom and gloom but im just trying to convince myself that it is worth it.

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    Paul Adams Guest


    terry, it's well worth it mate-just don't set your targets too high, there are fish to be caught still-i was keeping tabs on large shore caught cod last season & the number of 10Ib fish caught surprised me, like ray said, it depends where you live-anywhere in the north-east, from the humber northwards was a good bet, also the kent piers seemed to fair well, as did the bristol channel coast, especially in somerset.
    if you're not bothered about sitting around for a lunker there will be plenty of whiting around soon to put a rattle on your rod, and there are sole to be caught right now, very close in-use a carp rod to cast a 3 ounce plain lead from 20-100 yards & i'll guarantee you will catch something.

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    Terry Edmonds Guest


    i live in essex now, when i last sea fished it was when i lived in somerset, do you know any good venues along the east anglian coast? or kent? i would also like to join a boat fishing club anybody know of any? as you can tell im going to give it a go again now the whiting are coming it will be a good time to go thanks for the advice.

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    dave godwin Guest


    Terry Edmonds give me a ring on 01702-308043 and i will try to point you in the right directions for this area

    All the best

    dave Godwin

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    Ray Bewick Guest


    Terry - Let us know how you get on, & good luck!.

    Dave Godwin - what a superb attitude, I take my metaphorical hat of to you sir.

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    Terry Edmonds Guest


    thanks to you all, i will phone you soon, as i want to arrange a boat trip late sept and thanks for offering to help me locate some fish.

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    Keith Ralph Guest


    Depending where you live in Essex, there are several good spots.
    Frinton Wall below the golf course.
    Walton Peir
    Shingle Street and Alborough if you want to go into Suffolk.
    The best area for consistency especially if you want to fish the autumn evenings was Holland on Sea a little way from Clacton, where I regularly get whiting, codling and my best catch a 13lb Bass on lugworm.
    Give it a try.

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    Terry Edmonds Guest


    cheers keith,
    do you know of any clubs around the area to join that fish beaches and boat fish any info will be appreciated.
    thanks terry

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