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    Paul Williams Guest


    I'm not usually moved by stories of fishing abroad....i've got to much i want to do here......but your holiday story sounded like real fishing fun, i wouldn't mind a Snook or two!!
    Oh and it wouldn't have been my arm i would have worried about with regard the ray!!!!!!

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    Nice one Barney! Now what do you reckon a hundred pound Tarpon could do?

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    nice one Barney, just a shame no piccy.
    sort of place you could retire to then?

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    Mike Fidler Guest


    Excellant yarn mate!, really enjoyed it and what's more it could be representitive of any fishy story the world over, any angler would be stirred by this story!

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    Cheers lads,

    I have to say despite the fact it wasn't massive it's without doubt one of the most exiting angling experiences I've ever had. The lightening, sharks in the water, lack of bait and the clock ticking away all combined to make it a really thrilling experience.

    a hundred pound Tarpon Coops ?.........well I can dream , eh?

    If you want to see a snook just type it in a search engine there are loads of pictures of them on articles/catch reports from American anglers.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    and by the way Paul, with regard to where the stinger might strike, in the words of Basil Fawlty

    "She'd have to sew it back on again first"

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    Oct 2002


    Gary just read your article as I was doing a search.....I did a fair bit of Snook fishing in Florida when I was in the states on a submarine great fish great fight and fantastic for the table, we used live mullet for bait small ones about 2-3 inches long fished on the jetty at night dropped bait in a shoal and then just hold on big snook hid under the jetty and just launched themselves at the shoal of bait fish.....great memories.....I remember one night I nearly hit the security alarm I was fishing merrily and a huge Manatee ( think thats right!!) came swimming past ...thought it was a frogman attacking the sub LMAO

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    Tarpon don't have to be 100lb before they are fun. Even 20-40 fish go like hell and never stop jumping. I just wish we had some on this side of the pond. Anyone know where I can find one on this side?

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    The Kuanza River in Northern Angola.

    I think it may still be a war zone however.

    Angola was marvellous under the Pork & Cheeses.

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    Thanks Ron but a war zone does not go down too well with the missus. Any other ideas?

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