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Thread: Bait Robbery

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    Mick Bland Guest


    I recently went fishing and had to buy some bait I went to a local bait shop in Roker Sunderland and paid six pound for some rag worm and proceeded to my fishing spot imagine my surprise when I open the pack of worm to find twenty worm and to top it off they all measured about two inches in length I think this is a disgrace could you please tell me if this is normal practice for bait shops and if I am expecting too much from bait suppliers or if this was indeed bait robbery.

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    Joseph Foxall Guest


    after recently moving to the north east and having the same prob, i was to find out it was due to to many people wanting to fish and there being not eough bait, as sunderland is not agood place for bait. your best bet is too find abait digger and order off him. it's also pretty common practise in varies other parts aroundthe country.

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    steven docwra Guest


    Yes this does sound like robbery, but did the bait digger rob the tackle dealer or the tackle dealer rob you? The only thing what would stop this is if the bait diggers supplied worms by the weight and not by the hundred. The problem then would be that all your worms would be too big as the digger would only have crank out 10 whoppers to equal 100 miniature ones. Then people would be complaining that their bait was too big for dab fishing with size 2 hooks. The only real way to find out if you were robbed is collect your own bait and if after 3 hours digging and a sore back 6.00 may seem cheap. Also to reduce the cost of fishing you have to learn how to look after your bait so that it will survive until the following week.

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    Dan Silverwood Guest


    As Steven said, who robbed who, I live in East Anglia and pay 14 for 100 great big lug and about 3 for a 1/4lb of nice sized rag so you did pay over the odds.

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    I think it all depends where you go and when. If you go on a match day then the bait left is normally not that good.

    If you need any more help drop me an email and I will see what can be done.


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