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  1. Default fuerteventura may 2011

    hi all
    i've just returned from a 18 day fishing trip to fuerteventura with my friend derrick and although the fishing was slow we returned happy with the fish we had caught.
    we arrived on the 27th april and the weather was all over the place! heavy rain showers, cold winds and everyday the wind was blowing from a different direction and the fish never seemed to settle into a feeding pattern.

    i would like to thank aram from Gone Fishing for all the help, advice, bbq gas and donuts, which without, we would have surely given up on certain nights!

    on the first night we head to a beach mark down south ( me, derrick, Aram and Juan diego). the fishing was extremley slow and apart from a small smoothound and stingray for derrick there was not alot happening so derrick and i decided to pack up our gear at 2am, whilst Aram and juan diego decide to give it an extra 10 mins. just as we were loading our second trip of gear into the car, Aram shouts up "He's in, Juan Diego's in!"
    ran down the beach and the reel was screamind and the rod was bent double.

    after 2 and a half hours juan diego eventually landed this massive stingray with the help of aram to beach the fish.

    the following evening we went to a local rock mark and tried for a predator. just as the light was fading derrick had a run and ended up with this 5kg bluefish

    the following evening we met up with Aram and Vlad, (hi vlad) and headed to a local mark to fish, but the session was slow on the float fished bait and on the bream fishing, but i had a bait on the bottom and after losing a really good fish (poss. dentex) i caught 3 moray eels. Vicious little buggers!!

    the fishing was very slow so we moved marks and Vlad had a nice mullet
    the next couple of evenings we concentrated our fishing on catching some good size bream, and again the fishing was slow but we ended up with some good fish on the parabolic rods. i had 3 white trevally,

    and we had some good white bream.

    whilst we were out there we met 'Joe' (giuseppe concadoro) and his other half sarah who hit jackpot on his first bonito session and caught this 2.5kg bonito. Well done mate!! ( jammy git!)

    also for two consecutive days a local italian Savi came into arams shop with two great catches, 1 bonito and 1 bluefish on both days.

    and sorry aram, just for the cheek of him bringing in the same two fish, but stretched over night to make them look bigger, i'm gonna give him a ten savi score!!!!
    savi savi savi savi savi savi savi savi savi savi!!!!!!!!!!
    only joking!!! nice catches on both days.

    to be continued........

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    towards the end of our holiday we headed to a beach mark and had a cracking three hour session!! it started at about 8.30pm when after only 5 minutes aram had a 8-10lb stingray on a 2 hook flapper. half an hour later my rod got pulled off its stand, i picked it up and waited for a run.....then, BANG, i was into a massive bluefish. my 10oz rated beachcaster was bent double, after 10mins of playing the fish and thinking i was on top, the fish threw my hooks. GUTTED!! derrick quickly rebaited and just as his lead hit the water and he was tightening up on the gripper... BANG!! he was in!! after a good fight he landed a nice 5.5kg bluefish.

    20 minutes later i had a small knock and a lot of slack line so i tightened up and got another knock and slack line. eventually i hooked into the fish and landed this lovelly angel shark.

    another 20 minutes passed and i had a good run and landed a 20lb plus stingray.

    just as we were talking about calling it a night i had another small knock. held the rod felt for the fish and struck. i landed my second angel shark for the night and what a night session it was.


    we then did another session on a beach mark which was very slow but i landed a cracking 30kg Butterfly ray (same size as skippy's!).

    there will be some videos to follow on youtube but i'll post the links when they're completed.

    all in all it was a cracking holiday and fuerteventura has some magnificent scenery and wildlife. i'll be back there soon!!

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    Default Re: fuerteventura may 2011

    Wow Greg, great write up and Pic's! You should have submitted it as an article, well done!

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    Default Re: fuerteventura may 2011

    Another excellent post Greg
    Shame we never did get to see that 200lb ray you struggled with last year mate! Thats the trouble with rays, apparently they stick like s**t to the bottom cant budge em.

    Well done.

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    Default Re: fuerteventura may 2011

    Fantastic episode , Greg. I'm back in El Cotillo myself in November. I really ought to give the rays a go after that.

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    Wink Re: fuerteventura may 2011

    Hi Greg.
    I am flying out to Gran Tarajal on 26th November for 3 weeks. Any tips on the best lures for bluefish, etc. Have been out there many times, but never struck lucky. The pics you put up fom your trip were mouth watering.
    Cheers. Bill

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    Default Re: fuerteventura may 2011

    Awesome looking fish, well done Greg.
    PaSC Failed Club

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    Amazing fishing, congrats Greg!

    Many people believe that fishing in Fuerteventura is the best in the Canary Islands. There is no need to go very far to find waters of 1.000m in depth, and, to the west of the island there are areas with up to 3.700m depth which make it an ideal place to go fishing.
    And I guess your pictures can prove that!


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